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Imposter Syndrome Strikes Again!

I just wanted to jump on here and give a quick update about the release date for Fantastical Midlife Revealings

and Love, Plus One (Part Two).

Concerning both titles, I am just not happy with where either are and don’t want to have a book released to the world I don’t feel proud of and likely to make my readers happy. I’d released LPO, P2 on time but then unpublished it immediately because it just didn’t feel “right” to me. Something is missing with the overall story and I want to figure it out before anyone reads the duet's conclusion. With FMR, I also didn’t feel like it was quite ready but decided to NOT release it just yet and cancel the preorder even though that meant disappointing those who were planning on the release on August 5th. Again . . . it’s about doing everything I can to make sure my lovely readers are happy with what I put out there for them to enjoy reading.

Now . . . honest, vulnerable moment here . . . I do believe a lot of what I’m feeling is simply my own lack of confidence or, as so many creatives will confirm is a real thing, my deep sense of imposter syndrome. It sucks. Part of the issue is that I try to read a LOT, and in doing so I read a LOT of amazing authors and that leaves me feeling like I’m not even close to being as good an author as they are. Again . . . imposter syndrome sucks.

I know I’m never going to be an author remembered for being a literary genius. But what I need to remember, and convince myself of again, is that I never intended to be. Leave those accolades where they’re due. What I write is intended to be used as escapism for my readers. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s what I read for and it’s all I want to accomplish when you pick up one of my stories. If I can help you forget about your responsibilities and stresses and, maybe, tough relationships, then I’ve done my job.

Now I just need to remember that’s what my job is—to help you escape. Not to be perfect or to create perfect stories. As long as they’re perfect for me and for you, that’s all that matters.

So, please bear with me and let me go through these two books a bit more to make sure that they are perfect for you and me and I promise to get them published soon.

You can check in here for updates (which I’ll do better about giving), or better yet, join my Facebook group for my readers and/or join my newsletter to get updates, sneak peeks, and bonuses.

Thank you for being with me on this journey. Your support and interest means everything.

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