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Better Late Than Never!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Well . . . as the saying goes and as the title of this blog post implies, finally publishing book two of The Reaping Chronicles is better late than never. After far too many years not publishing because some trials of life and a gargantuan case of imposter syndrome, I'm once again in the publishing game. Undone (The Reaping Chronicles Book Two) is scheduled to release October 31, 2022! I am sooo happy to be back with Gabrielle, Lucas, Phalen, Amaziah, and the rest of the original cast, as well as several new characters, too! Things are getting a bit rough for our characters in, Undone, but one should expect it due to the name. You can preorder, Undone, here!

Aaaand . . . I have more news! Last summer, I starting reading a new sub-genre of fantasy called, paranormal women's fiction. The sub-genre is geared toward women readers of a certain age range (((cough))) . . . like me, who love fantasy and romance and badass heroines. Well, I was hooked from the first book in this genre that I read and decided I had to write in the genre because I loved it so much. So, I give you, Fantastical Midlife Awakenings, book one in my new series Fantastical Midlife. I'm not sure how many books it will be, yet, but I plan on at least three. I'll see what Tennyson and her gang have up their sleeves as I continue to write them. For now, I'm pleased as hell to be brining book one to you on November 8, 2022! I'm so stinkin' excited about this series and I hope you love getting to know the characters as much as I have. You can preorder, Fantastical Midlife Awakenings, here!

Last, but certainly not least, I'm releasing a standalone very steamy romance called, Love . . . Pus One. The beginning of this book was already written and released as book one of a novelette series I'd planned called, That, Then This. But the more I thought about it since its release, the more I felt it needed to be a standalone novel. While it begins the same (though I did decide to change the characters' names) the story is taking on a much spicier tone. It will be released December, 6, 2022, and I cannot wait to set this one loose on the world! You can preorder, Love . . . Plus One, here!

In 2023, I have many, many more books coming, including book three of The Reaping Chronicles, books two and three of Fantastical Midlife, aaaaand a brand new mafia/crime family dark romance series that features a badass heroine that men will wish they'd never messed with!

I can't wait! Thank you so much to my readers who've hung in there waiting for me to finally get over all my self-doubts, and also to my new readers for giving my books and the characters who fill them with magic and mischief and sexy times and vengeance. We all appreciate you more than we can say (yes . . . my characters told me they do ;) ).

P.S. . . . I've started a Facebook group called, Chill with Teal, to be able to really interact with my readers. By having a group instead of just a page, those in the group have a better chance of seeing all my posts. Please click here to join! I look forward to seeing you and chatting with you there! :)

P.S.S. . . . I would love to hear from you in the comments section below, too!

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